About AAA Water Systems

Tony Soltani, CEO

“In the early 1980s, I started my venture with water filtration and purification systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. For over 35 years I have helped thousands of folks improve their water quality, in both commercial and residential settings. We employ some of the finest men and women in the industry to serve you. Our mission is to offer the finest products and personal service worldwide. Let us change your water. It will change your life.”

Tony Soltani, CEO of AAA Water

Our Professional Promise

Whether providing a thorough analysis of your home’s water, explaining how water systems work or recommending one that’s right for you, one thing is certain. Nobody brings a higher level of professionalism into your home. We promise.

Kinetico Water Filter Systems

Most Comprehensive Warranty

We stand behind our products with the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Compare our warranty to any other water treatment company—you’ll find ours stands alone.

A Tradition of Success Since 1970

Founded in 1970, Kinetico pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. In the years since, we’ve grown into a global company of independent Kinetico water experts and international distributors serving more than 100 countries. We offer complete water systems that deliver only the highest quality water for general use and drinking. We back every piece of our equipment with industry-leading warranties. Our approach reflects our deep commitment to preserving and conserving fresh water, one of our planet’s most precious and endangered natural resources.

Kinetico Water Filter Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple! If you’re considering purchasing a new Kinetico system for your home, you can Request a Quick Quote from your local Kinetico specialist who will contact you with prices and options. Alternatively, or if you need replacement parts, you can use our online locator to find your local Kinetico water specialist who will be able to help you obtain replacement parts, including filter cartridges.

No, kinetico doesn’t sell directly to the public. You will need to contact us . We have a variety of options for you to choose from. Your local Kinetico water specialist is fully trained and factory authorized to ensure your new Kinetico system is properly sized and professionally installed.

No, Kinetico doesn’t sell directly to the public. You will need to contact us . We will have access to replacement parts and consumables, including filter cartridges. Your Kinetico water specialist is fully trained and factory authorized to ensure your system is repaired properly.

It’s preferable to contact the same Kinetico water specialist who sold and installed your system. However, all local Kinetico water specialists are fully trained and factory authorized to service and repair all Kinetico models. They can also assist you if you have any questions relating to your warranty. Use our online locator to find the contact information for your local Kinetico water specialist.

Please check Kinetico’s Customer Resources page, Legacy Products page, or contact Kinetico’s consumer services department by phone or email.