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Go Bottle-Less with Kinetico Cooler

Are you trying to find bottle-less water systems? Our AAA Water System offers effective solutions for all your water purification and filtration needs. Often going bottle-less is the way to go: it’s simple and hassle-free.

Get your hands on our Kinetico Cooler, our advanced bottle-less water dispenser with filtration. It offers a hot, room, and cold range of water temperature directly from your tap. This bottle-less water cooler with filtration purifies any contaminants that may be present in your tap water. It gives you healthier and purer water without any virus, bacteria, protozoa, or harmful elements. Moreover, it gets rid of elements, including iron and chlorine.

With Kinetico Cooler, enjoy water that’s safe, clean, and tastes great.

AAA Water’s Systems by Kinetico offer an effective solution for customers who want clean, safe and pure water.

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Kinetico Cooler®

Bottle-less water dispenser with filtration provides more hot, room and cold temperature water from your tap that is safe, clean and great tasting.